Why Isn't My Candle Smelling Strong? 3 Ways to Amp Up the Fragrance

Why Isn't My Candle Smelling Strong? 3 Ways to Amp Up the Fragrance

1. Extend the burn, enhance the scent

You light your candle, enjoy the flickering flame, blow it out, and wonder why the fragrance isn't as potent as expected. The secret? Give your candle at least two hours to work its magic and create a full melt pool. This ensures a robust and cozy fragrance that fills the room.


2. Size matters: choose candles for your space

Achieving the right amount of fragrance in your space involves more than just lighting a candle - it's about finding the ideal size and placement. Optimize your candle experience based on the below candle sizes. 

Cozy Spaces (3.5 oz to 5 oz candles): Ideal for small bedrooms or bathrooms, these candles provide the perfect amount of fragrance without overwhelming intimate spaces.

Moderate-Sized Spaces (6 oz to 10 oz candles): Ideal for living rooms or kitchens, these candles are designed to fill medium-sized areas with a delightful, balanced aroma.

Large Open Areas (Adjust Placement): If your candle's scent seems lost in a large space, try moving it to a smaller, enclosed area like a bathroom or bedroom. Finding the right size and space balance is key to enhancing your candle's fragrance experience.

3. Sensory reboot: give your regular candle a break

Ever noticed your favorite candle losing its magic touch? You might be experiencing "nose blindness." Give your senses a reboot by trying a different aroma or stepping out of the room momentarily. It's incredible how a quick olfactory reset can amp up the fragrance experience.

Whether it's committing to an extended burn, optimizing the size for your space, or giving your nose a refreshing reset, these tips will transform your candle experience from subtle to sensational. Get ready to revel in the amplified aromas of your favorite candles!

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